Malta Aircraft Registration

Malta, being a member of the European Union with highly regulated markets has become an increasingly attractive jurisdiction for owners to register their aircrafts in. The new Aircraft Registration Act, enacted in 2010, has continued to increase the popularity of Malta as a base for aviation operations. Malta’s strategic location, its membership in the European Union and in the Eurozone continues to add to its attractiveness as a base for aviation operations.

Benefits of registering your aircraft in Malta:

  • Tax benefits in relation to leasing, depreciation and exemption from fringe benefits;
  • VAT exemptions for lessors and aircraft operators;
  • Tax benefits in relation to tax refund of 6/7ths of the Malta tax paid by the company upon distribution of dividends;
  • Extensive double tax treaties that Malta has with over 40 jurisdictions which provides relief from double taxation;
  • Possibility of registering an aircraft which is still under construction.