Trusts In Malta

The use of trusts as a practical vehicle for the protection of family wealth is becoming more popular as more people seek to set up trusts for the fulfillment of thse requirement and to take advantage of a number of benefits that the trust would offer. Malta, being highly regulated and part of the European Union for a number of years, has become a popular investment location for overseas clients seeking to invest their asset and this has led to a constant growth in the setting up of a Maltese trust.

Benefits of setting up a trust in Malta:

  • Costs – Apart from offering highly skilled staff, Malta also offers lower set up costs for the setting up a trust;
  • Estate planning – A Trust is seen as an efficient tool for Estate planning as it is more flexible than a will.
  • Securing Family Wealth – A trust can be used to ensure that the family wealth is secured and protected.

Other benefits include:

  • Confidentiality
  • Tax benefits in certain circumstances