Malta Residence Schemes

A Permanent Residence holder benefits from a tax rate of 15% on income remitted to Malta subject to a minimum tax rate of €4,150 per annum, after relief from double taxation. The holder of the Maltese Permanent Residence Permit is entitled to reside in Malta without any obligation of a minimum amount of time to spend in Malta, he or she do not require any entry visas to travel to Malta and also have complete freedom of movement to travel in and out of Malta within other countries which are part of the European Union (EU).

Other benefits of the Permanent Residence Scheme include:

  1. Freedom to rent out Property in Malta, no obligation to purchase property;
  2. No death and donation duties;
  3. Household and personal effects, are imported free of duty within six months from the date of arrival in Malta. No import licenses are required;
  4. No tax is payable on capital gains arising outside of Malta, whether they are remitted to Malta or not;
  5. Any excess income brought to Malta, may be repatriated, provided that any tax due has been settled.

Conditions for application:

  1. An individual applying for the permanent residence permit must provide evidence that he or she is in possession of € 349,000, or instead must prove to have an income of €23,000 per annum.
  2. The prospective new resident will be required to:
  • Remit to Malta at least EUR 13,950 per annum, plus EUR 2,330 per annum per dependent each year;
  • Purchase residential premises in Malta at a cost of not less than EUR 116,000 in the case of a house, or EUR 69,000 for a flat, or rent/lease the abode he lives in at not less than EUR 5,150 per annum;
  • Not engage in gainful occupation in Malta. Limited gainful activities in Malta may be authorised.

Application Procedure

The application for a Permanent Residence Permit must be supported by the following documents:

  • Evidence that applicant has an annual income of Eur23,000 or capital equivalent to Eur349,000 and that he is in a position to bring to Malta a minimum annual income of Eur13,950 plus Eur2,330 for each dependent. This evidence may take the form of a certificate issued by a relevant financial institution such as a bank or a professional such as an accountant.
  • Recent Police Conduct Certificate in respect of each person over 18years that is included in the application, such a Certificate must indicate whether the individual had any criminal convictions or any criminal proceedings from the police authorities in the country of residence. If such certificates are not available a declaration before an oath will have to be taken or character references from professional individuals or previous employer will need to be obtained.
  • A copy of the marriage certificate will also need to be presented with the application in case of a married couple, the certificate will also need to be presented for a married woman who is applying on her own behalf, a divorced woman or a widow. Otherwise full birth certificate.
  • The applicant must provide a written declaration stating that parents and/or grandparents are financially dependent on him.
  • All supporting documents must be in English, or translated to English.